BS (Hons) Information Security

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BS (Honors) Information Security Quiz

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___________ is an objective of network security:-

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Identification of procedure , name is used as:-

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_______________ Was invented by Phil Zimmermann to provide all four aspects of security in the sending email:-

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A security manager needs to be able to regularly determine when operating system files change. What kind of tool is needed for this task:-

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Which is the least strong security encryption standard:-

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HTTP port number used is ____________:-

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When we update any  tuple in the relation which authorization on a relation allows a user to:-

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IT security in any firm is maintained by:-

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_____________ is the hacking approach where cyber criminals design fake websites for tricking or gaining additional traffic:-

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Aggregating suffering habits across multiple users  for advertising is an characteristics of spyware:-

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Sign, guards, guard dogs, and visible notice are examples of:-

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Row of table in the relational model is known as:-

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What are the man in middle attacks:-

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Determine the attack type that employs a fake server with a relay address:-

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A security managers wishes all new laptops purchased by his organization to include a security cryptoprocessor. what hardware should be required:-

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This is the forging of an e-mail header so that the message appears to have originated from someone other than actual source;-

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Which was the first antivirus software ever created:-

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Common biometric solutions that are suitable for building entrance control include:-

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Which ethical hacking technique is used to determine which operating system is running on a remote computer:-

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Implicitly to all current and future privileges that are granted users are called as:-

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Data encryption is used to ensure confidentiality:-

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The ___________ protocols provides message authentication, integrity and privacy:-

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The advantage of gaseous fire suppression system is;-

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The system where two independent pieces of data are used to identify a user is called as:-

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Formatted statements and repeat statements is syntax was supported by;-