At Harvard University, the pursuit of medical knowledge and innovation is a timeless endeavor. The Harvard Medical School’s postgraduate research programs embody this spirit, providing healthcare professionals with world-class training in clinical and translational research. These programs empower clinicians, investigators, and researchers to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the field of medicine.

Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation

The Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation is a two-year, blended learning program that equips future leaders in patient-oriented research with the theory and practice of biomedical research. This cutting-edge program is designed to foster independent investigators who can drive innovation and progress in medicine.

Global Clinical Scholars Research Training

The Global Clinical Scholars Research Training is a one-year certificate program that offers advanced training in the methods and conduct of clinical research. This program is ideal for scholars who want to enhance their expertise in every stage of the research process, from grant writing to data analysis and presentation.

Foundations of Clinical Research

The Foundations of Clinical Research is a six-month, live virtual certificate program that provides learners with the foundational knowledge and skill sets required to produce high-quality clinical research. This program lays the groundwork in epidemiology and biostatistics, preparing learners for a multifaceted career in clinical research.

Developing Successful Researchers

Becoming a successful, independently funded clinical researcher requires a range of skills, including biostatistics, epidemiology, study design, and scientific communication. Our programs cover these essential elements, as well as key non-technical skills like team leadership, networking, negotiation, and time management. By acquiring these skills, learners can position themselves for a successful research career.

Join the Harvard Medical School Community

Harvard Medical School’s postgraduate research programs offer a dynamic and supportive environment for healthcare professionals to develop their skills and knowledge. With a range of blended learning formats, including live virtual, self-paced study, and in-person sessions, learners can access world-class training from anywhere in the world. Join the Harvard Medical School community today and become part of a global network of medical professionals shaping the future of healthcare.

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