Physics (Intermediate Level) Tests

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Physics (Intermediate) Quiz

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Stoke law is applicable if body has ____ shape:-

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The unit of moment of inertia is:-

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What is the  number of significant figure in the measurement recorded as 8.70 × 104 kg:-

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SI unit of torque is:-

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Thermal energy from a hot body flows to a cold body in the form of?

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Vehicles are made heavy at the base in order to?

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The amount of heat that flows in unit time is called the heat’s?

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The least distance of distinct vision for a normal eye is:-

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The original source of tidal energy is:-

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If two springs of spring constant 2 N/m, 4N/m are connected in parallel, then combined spring constant is:-

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Change of momentum is called:-

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Which of the following types of force can not do the work on the particle one which it acts:-

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The maximum number of satellite required to cover the whole earth is:-

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The energy obtained from electric cells and batteries as a result of a chemical reaction is called?

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The amplitude of a vibrating body at resonance in vacuum is:-

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A body is moving in a straight line such that the distance covered by it in time t is proportional to the square of time "t". The acceleration of the body is:-

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The waves which require material medium for their propagation are called:-

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When the source of sound moves toward a stationary source of sound, the observed frequency:-

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If pressure of a gas is doubled then speed of sound in such gas:-

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The percentage of available  heat engine converted into work, by diesel engine is roughly:-

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The internal energy of compressed real gas, as that of the ideal gas at same temperature is:-

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Absolute uncertainty  in measurements depends upon:-

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Two forces act together on an object then magnitude of their resultant is maximum when the angle between the forces is:-

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Name the quantity which is vector:

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Speed of sound is higher in _____:-

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