Psychology MCQs (Graduation Level) Tests

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Psychology (Graduation)

Psychology (Graduation) Quiz

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Raymond B. Cattle advanced the study of personality traits by using a statistical method called:-

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Which of the following is associated with  Jung's analytical therapy:-

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If an individual is facing psychological crisis of identity versus role confusion , according to Erik Erikson's  model, that individual is most likely:-

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In Maslow's theory of personality the main concept is that of:-

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Which test did McClelland first use to measure the need for achievement:--

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What type of need Maslow's hierarchy of need add to those already emphasized by psychodynamic theorist;-

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Which name sequence contains no mental hospital reformers:-

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Because the id seeks to gratify its desires without delay , it operates on the;-

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According to Sheldon's somatotype theory, a personn who is strong, muscular active and aggressive is probably:-

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Regions and boundaries are central to the personality theory of:-

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Which archetype represents the feminine basic approach to personality:-

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The fundamental attribution error state that we credit success to __________ causes, and failure to ___________________ causes:-

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The research method used by Freud was:-

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The first two weeks of life are referred to as;-

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According the psychoanalytic theory , defense mechanism develop as a function of :-

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Perfection is a problem that is most associated with:-

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Which psychoanalytic theorists proposed the need to move toward people ,moving against people ;-

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Which was particularly interested in the effect of birth order on personality:-

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Competitive support may provide an opportunity for individual to __________________ their feeling of aggression;-

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In neurons the axons are insulated by the a matter named as;-

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To predict vocational interest you would be well advised to turn to ___________________;-

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Projective test are most closely associated with the _______________ perspective:-

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Which behavioral theorists is closely associated with psychoanalytical theory:-

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The personality theorist who developed the internal external control scale was:-

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In Freudian's theory , the entire set of drives with which a person is born is called the _____________ and its only goal is to gratify those drives;-

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