Statistics MCQs

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Statistics Quiz

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Suppose that the 34th percentile of MSc Statistics students marks is 34 this mean that:-

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Which measures of central tendency can be calculated for open end class:-

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In many counting and probability problems a useful configuration that can be used to represent all the possibilities is the:-

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A histogram is _____ if the left half is a mirror image of the right half:-

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Absolute sum of deviation is minimum from:-

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The variate values which divide a series into ten equal parts are called;-

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What is the mathematical probability that a coin tossed 10 times in a row, will come up tails on all 10 tosses:-

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The goal of ________ is to focus on summarizing and explaining a specific set of data:-

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If a board of directors consist of 10 people, In how many ways can a chief executive officer, a director, a treasurer, and a secretary be selected:-

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The weights of students in a college/ school is a:-

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The probability of an event occurring is 7 : 12. What are the odd against the event occurring:-

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The different books can be arranged on a shelf in______ ways:-

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A store owner plane to have his annual 'Going out of Business Sale'. If each month has an equal chance of being selected, and the probability that the sale will be in a month that being with the letter J or M:-

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Which is an expression of the extent to which values are spread out relative to the mean:-

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A card is drawn at random from a deck of 52 cards. The probability that it is a 9 or club is:-

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Two dice are rolled. The probability that one or both numbers on the faces will be 4 is:-

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The data which have undergone any sort of statistical method are called:-

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How many different ways can 4 bos be selected from 7 bos:-

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In how many ways 7 different calculators be displayed in a row on a shelf:-

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MLE becomes asymptotically efficient if n→:-

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Estimate the variance of the population which produced the following sample data:-


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An automobile license  plate consist of 3 letters followed by 2 digits. The number of different plates that can be made if repetitions are not permitted is:-

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When the collected data is grouped with reference to time, we have:-

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Three cards are drawn from an ordinary deck of 52 cards. The probability of getting three queen is;-

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Which distribution requires that sampling be done without replacement:-

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