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BS (Honors) Information Security Quiz

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Primary data model is relational model in today for commercial  _______________:-

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They are malicious whose primary goal is to commit cybercrimes to make money. Who are 'they' in this context:-

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Determine the attack type that employs a fake server with a relay address:-

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___________ platforms are used for safety and protection of information in the cloud:-

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The best defense against a NOP sled attack is:-

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An employee in an organization is requesting access to more information than is required. This request should be denied on the basis of which principle:-

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_______________ Was invented by Phil Zimmermann to provide all four aspects of security in the sending email:-

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A ________ is a trusted third party that solves the problem of symmetric key distribution:-

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Where did the term ' hacker' priginates:-

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Aggregating suffering habits across multiple users  for advertising is an characteristics of spyware:-

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A source code review uncovered the existence of instructions that permit the user to bypass security control. What was discovered in the code review:-

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IPSec requires a logical connection between two hosts using a signaling protocol called____________:-

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What layer of an email message should you consider when evaluating e- mail security:-

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This is the hiding of secret message within an ordinary message and the extraction of it at its destination;-

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_____________ is a form of eavesdropping used to pick up telecommunication signals by monitoring the electromagnetic fields:-

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A program in which harmful code is contained inside the apparent harmless programming or data:-

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In which of the following exploits does an attacker insert mallicious coding into a link that appears to be from a trustworthy source:-

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What is the purpose of using  a proxy server for a hackers;-

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This technology leads to measure and analyze human body characteristics for authentication purposes:-

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The RSA algorithm for confidentiality uses _________________ cryptography:-

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What is standard for exchanging authentication  information between two different security domains:-

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IPSec operates at two different modes, ______________ modes and _________________ mode:-

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Determine the number of characters the Linux OS will allow in file names:-

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Which was the first antivirus software ever created:-

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Which statement best describes how the principle would be broken if a computer was no longer accessible:-