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Inter Services Selection Board commonly known as ISSB is a premier national institution which selects future leadership for the armed forces of Pakistan. ISSB for last seven decades has been fulfilling this esteemed task with commitment, un-doubted devotion and prestige. ISSB centre Kohat, Gujranwala, Malir and Quetta are systematically located to facilitate candidates appearing from length and breadth of the country. Candidates appearing at ISSB are subjected to an elaborate selection system and the ones with requisite leadership potentials are recommended to undergo training in the three services academies.

 ISSB follows a three dimensional selection process. The psychologist dimension uncovers the subconscious of the candidate through carefully designed tests. The GTO dimension observes the candidates’ behaviour in a group settings through situational tests while the deputy dimension analyses the candidates’ intellect, emotional pattern and social behaviour through interview.

The structure and design of activities at ISSB are flexible and are regularly adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the armed forces. ISSB selection process is extensive and will last for four days. It involves an innovative and creative range of individual and group assessment methods, activities and sessions designed to provide an opportunity for the selectors to correctly assess the personality of the candidates. This is how the final picture of a candidate emerges reflecting three dimensions of his personality. The Board then decides about the final result and either recommends a candidate for further training or decides not to recommend a candidate being unsuitable for  military training. The results are communicated to respective services headquarters who make the final merit list and thus a fresh batch of cadets report to their academies at time and date set by the respective services headquarters.

Ineligibility for ISSB

Candidate is ineligible if he/she is :

  • Permanently declared UNFIT (PUF) by Appeal Medial Board (AMB).
  • Tested within four months (120 days) gap of previous appearance (for Not Recommended candidates).
  • Tested within one year validity period. (As validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ Selection Boards stands for one year).
  • Withdrawn from any Academy/Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
  • Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college/institution on disciplinary grounds.
  • Dismissed/removed/debarred from Govt Services including Armed Forces.
  • Convicted in a court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
  • Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (in such cases Appeal Medical Board cannot be requested).
  • Declared unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal Medical Board.

General Guidelines for ISSB Candidates

 At ISSB, we are looking for alert, motivated candidates who have the potential to complete the long, arduous and extensive training faced by all newly commissioned officers in the service. The Selection Board is looking for many things such as clear thinking, the ability to remain calm under stress and strain, team skills and willingness to participate. We don’t want you to display rashness or aggression; neither do we want you to be dull or spiritless. Be honest, straightforward and frank. Don’t display over-consciousness, false projection or superficial behavior. Over the years some private institutions and coaching centers have mushroomed in the country to train the candidate for passing ISSB tests. You are advised not to join these for training and guidance. The training imparted in these centers is too restricted and brings in rigidity in thought process. A detailed video documentary is being uploaded which can serve as a detailed guideline for candidates, you are advised to make full use of it. 

You can tell a lot from a person’s appearance. Show us that you have got a sense of personal pride.

Self Confidence
Self-confidence and maturity are largely the product of experience. You can strengthen these qualities by participating in-group activities, taking on responsibility and exercising independence.

Communication Skills
We look for people with good communication skills in both Urdu and English, clear direction, a good vocabulary and sense of grammar. Try to develop these by joining in debates and group discussions.

Academic Ability
Good academic results mean you will be good at absorbing the training of advanced and sophisticated equipment. Make your English and Mathematics sound.

If you possess the above qualities, you will have a greater potential for leadership training. Try and seek out positions of responsibility in academic, sports, extra-curricular  activities and other expeditious tasks.

Take adequate physical exercise in the run up before you report at the ISSB.

You should be convincing and sincere in your reasons for desire to join armed forces. Make sure you really know for what and why you are applying.

General Knowledge
We are looking for people with an awareness of the world around them, and an interest in military matters. Discuss current affairs and defense issues with your parents, teachers and friends and keep yourself updated with good newspapers.



Any attempt by you or by anyone on your behalf in the shape of “SIFARISH”, use of unfair means in Selection Board’s tests or non-compliance of Board instructions will debar you for consideration for commission. You are advised not to approach ISSB directly or indirectly, for any favor regarding your selection before or during your tests. 

The most authenticated & updated ISSB Notes in PDF,  well-prepared through the past experiences of our selected / recommended ISSB candidates are available at Shaheen Leaders Academy, Rawalpindi.

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