The Law Admission Test (LAT) is a crucial step for students aspiring to enter the field of law in Pakistan. Among the various sections of the LAT, the Islamiat MCQs test plays a significant role in assessing candidates’ knowledge of Islamic studies.

LAT Islamiat Book 2

LAT Islamiat Book 2

Islamiat Section Weightage Details

This section, consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions, evaluates the candidates’ understanding of Islamic principles, history, and teachings. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the LAT Islamiat MCQs, provide insights into effective preparation strategies, and offer a downloadable PDF containing practice questions to help candidates excel in this important segment of the exam.

Content Weightages for Law Admission Test (LAT)

LAT Syllabus Table
LAT Syllabus
SectionContentNumber of Items/MarksTime Allowed
Part IMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)100 Minutes
English20 MCQs
General Knowledge20 MCQs
Pakistan Studies10 MCQs
Islamiat10 MCQs
Mathematics5 MCQs
Urdu10 MCQs
Part IIWriting Skills40 Minutes
Essay Writing Skills (in English or Urdu)1 out of 3 (15 marks)
Personal Statement (in English or Urdu)10 marks

LAT General Knowledge Online Test

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