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Accounts Branch Quiz

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The flexible budget amount is aided in to variable overhead flexible  budget  variance to calculate:-

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Which of the following methods is not a practical way of realizing revenue?

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All items of stock in trading   and profit  and  loss account  are to be  converted into cost price  if these are given at an :-

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An asset must be _______ by the business to be shown as an asset in its “balance sheet”

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What is equity?

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Cash discount is provided on :-

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Which of the following is true regarding closing entries?

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Any form of accounting which enables a business to be conducted more efficiently can be regarded as ___ accounting.

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Purchase of office equipment  for cash will be recorded  on _________ side of a cash book;-

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___________ are the basis of the business's  financial accounting :-

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Which is the closing balance of a ledger account:-

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Branch accounting is  prepared to ascertain  profit and loss of the branch:-

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Every banking company should  prepare a balance sheet  and profit and loss accounts  as on _____________ each year;-

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A fire policy covers loss of  insured property:-

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The following is (are) the type(s) of Journal

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Leukemia is a disease of:-

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In the bank reconciliation statement  the amount of outstanding  checks  is added to  ___________ balance of cash book:-

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According to the money measurement concept, which transaction will be recorded in the books of the account?

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Credit balance as per Cash Book mean_______?

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Sales expenditure budget is prepared by estimating the expense(s) of

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A memorandum  trading account is  to be prepared  to ascertained the  value of  stock on the date of fire:-

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Cash purchases is recorded in which of the following specialized journals?

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Total cost related  to work in process  inventory is divided  by total units of work done is used  to calculate:-

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Collection  of account  receivable  will _______________ assets:-

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The forth step in process  costing system is to:-

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