LAT Syllabus Table
LAT Syllabus
SectionContentNumber of Items/MarksTime Allowed
Part IMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)100 Minutes
English20 MCQs
General Knowledge20 MCQs
Pakistan Studies10 MCQs
Islamiat10 MCQs
Mathematics5 MCQs
Urdu10 MCQs
Part IIWriting Skills40 Minutes
Essay Writing Skills (in English or Urdu)1 out of 3 (15 marks)
Personal Statement (in English or Urdu)10 marks

The Law Admission Test (LAT) administered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for prospective law students in Pakistan assesses candidates across various subjects and skills. The test is divided into two main parts. 

Part I  consists of 75 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be completed within 100 minutes, covering English (20 MCQs), General Knowledge (20 MCQs), Pakistan Studies (10 MCQs), Islamiat (10 MCQs), Mathematics (5 MCQs), and Urdu (10 MCQs). 

Part II

which lasts 40 minutes, evaluates writing skills through an essay (15 marks) and a personal statement (10 marks), with candidates given the option to write in either English or Urdu. This comprehensive structure ensures a balanced evaluation of a candidate’s aptitude in both objective knowledge and subjective expression.


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