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Logistics Quiz

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A fixed proper method of working which is used on day to day basis is called as______Method.

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________is mainly deals with all activities associated with the flow and transformation and information of goods from the stage of raw material to the end user i.e. consumption.

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EDI stands for____.

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The ultimate goal of SCM is____.

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The flow of information that facilitates co-ordination activities is____.

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A warehouse manager have to keep the proper updates of the...

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______ is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement.

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SCM includes..........

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Moving goods from suppliers to the production unit is called as......

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The correct sequence of an organizations supply chain from a systems perspective is:

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Bulldozer can be used in the organization for..........

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Supply chain management control or link the production to.........

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Operations typically differ in terms of volume of output, variety of output, variation in demand or the degree of ‘visibility’ (ie, customer contact) that they give to customers of the delivery process. Please match the following element with the most appropriate of the above dimensions. Low unit costs are most closely matched to:-

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Moving goods from suppliers to the production unit is called as......

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If a customer return the product if it is not matching with ordered one then picking up of the product is part of......

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The warehousing function that combines the logistical flow of several small shipments to a specific market area is____.

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Global supply chain management means providing the the products and services all over the_____.

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The term which covers the operation of shifting the cargo to or from the vessel is____.

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The downstream supply chain is:

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A supply chain is a sequence of firms that perform activities required:

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In the Japanese term “Kaizen”, “Kai” means _____?

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Which one of the following is not a typical question dealt with by an operations managers?

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Master planning deals with_____.

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The flow of work in process is_____.

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In a materials processing operation the design capacity is defined as_____?

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