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Law Quiz

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The facts and issues raised in pleading needs to be proved by_____?

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Article 7, Sub-Article (4), deals with recruitment of_______?

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A capital city district, a part of province, or any territory for which separate police is established under Article 6 is called_______?

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In suits for damages facts tender to enable court to determine amount are_____?

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Composition of District public Safety Commission is provided in Article _______, of the Police Order, 2002?

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Recruitment in the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector through appropriate Public Service Commission shall not exceed ______ percent of total posts in the rand as provided in Article 7(3) of Police the Order, 2002 ?

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The Government may, on recommendation of _______ appoint one or more expert to assist the Provincial Police Officer, Capital City Police Officer or City Police Officer?

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A dying declaration is____ piece of evidence?

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Temporary injunctions are such as are to continue ?

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The Specific Relief Act contain_____, sections?

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Evidence produced through audio cassette is_____?

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As per section 5, of The Specific Relief Act provides_____ ways through which relief can be given?

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Article____, of the Qanun-e-Shahadat defines “Evidence”?

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Section 3, of West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 deal with________?

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Specific performance of a Contract can be sought upon ?

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Posting of Deputy Inspector General, Inspector General, Senior Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police is dealt by Article _______ of Police Order, 2002?

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Every application made under Section 45, of the Specific Relief Act, must be accompanied with affidavit from ?

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Section 45, of the Specific Relief Act, deals with_______?

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Relief can not be granted for agreements which are ?

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A person entitled to the possession of specific movable property may recover the same in the manner prescribed by the?

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An investigating officer can refresh his memory from his diary as provided in______?

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In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa an appeal against the decree and order of Civil Judge where the value of original suit exceeds one million rupees shall lie to_______?

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A wish to prove a dying declaration by B. A must proves_____?

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There is no applicability of estoppel where deed is obtained by____?

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Which provision of The Sale of Goods Act, deals with Suits for price_____?

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