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Law Quiz

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The couert of civil judge passing the decree if applied for execution of decree passed by it:- 

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A, in the character of agent for B enters into an agreement with C to buy C’s house A is in reality acting not as agent for B but on his on account ?

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Objective resolution was set as ____ in 1973 constitution:-

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Section 115, deals with:-

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Which of these is not the kind of Shujjah:-

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Section _____, civil procedure code deals with the doctrine of retable distribution among the creditors of same judgement-debtor:-

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Wrongful loss is the loss by unlawful means of property to which the person losing it is not illegally entitled:-

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Which section of IT act deals with the legal recognition of electronic records:-

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Law of Evidence was amended and replaced with Qanun-e-Shahadat in order to bring it with____?

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Section 11 deals with which doctrine of law:-

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A voluntarily burns a valuable security belonging to Z intending to cause wrongful loss to Z. A has committed:-

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After singing the judgement, the court of session can review the same:-

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A person aggrieved by order of acquittal passed by any court order. Than high court may file an appeal against the said order within:-

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A suit in which the real dispute is between the defendants only is known as:-

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Leading question may be asked______?

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To impute anything to a deceased person any amount to defamation:-

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Entries in book of account as provided by Article 48 of the Qanun-e-Shahadat are_____?

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Section 53, of the Specific Relief Act deals with ?

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In case of qatl, the wali shall be:-

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The correct procedure for the inspection of court file is:-

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The facts and issues raised in pleading needs to be proved by_____?

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As per Article 2, Sub-Article (ii), of the Police Order, 2002 Capital City Officers is an Officer bot below the rank of_____?

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The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 is based on ___?

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Whoever uses any false trade mark or any false property mark shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may be extend to:-

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What is the rate of interest on the cost:-

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