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Law Quiz

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____ Monitors all internet and other network activities, looking for suspicious data ad preventing unauthorized access:-

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______ evidence is more effective than _____ evidence?

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In criminal trial, evidence shall be taken in the presence of the accused or in the presence of his pleader, when his personnel attendance is dispensed with:-

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As per Article 2, Sub-Article (ii), of the Police Order, 2002 Capital City Officers is an Officer bot below the rank of_____?

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Section 26, of the West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance, 1962 deals with_______?

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Before entering upon office under Article ____ the president shall make oath before the chief justice of Pakistan:-

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Section to P.P.C authorize the awrd of imprisonment in default of payment of fine in cases of offences under the P.P.C:-

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Section 47 of the Specific Relief Act, 1877 deals with ?

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where High Court refuges to confirm death sentence  passed by the Session Court, the supreme court, has the power under act 185 of the constitution to confirm the death sentence passed by the session judge:-

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Diet money for the witness may be paid:-

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The rent of non residential building shall stand automatically increased at the end of every 3 years of its tenancy by 25% of the rent being paid:-

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The agent having in customary course of business as such agent authority either to sell goods or to consign goods for the purpose of sale or to buy goods or to raise money on the security of goods is called ____?

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The plaint shall at any stage of the suit be returned to the presented to the court in which the suit should have been instituted:-

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The sessions judge may exercise the same powers of revision under section __________ the Cr.P.C. as are conferred on the High Court:-

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Person instigation government officer to accept his offer to defraud government, such action amounts to abetment:-

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Punishment for possesing 1000 gm heroin:-

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Section 52, of the Specific Relief Act deals with_______?

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Article ______, of the Police Order, 2002 deals with functions of Islamabad District Public Safety Commission?

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A suit relating to a case property is:-

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According section 5(2) Subject to provision of any law for the time being in force a contract of sale may be____?

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Police is empowered under section 47 and 48 of the code of criminal procedure enter into a residential house without first seeking permission to enter:-

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An appeal may not lie from an original decree passed ex parte:-

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The sale of Goods Act, 1930 contains ____?

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Whoever commits shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may be extended to:-

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President can be removed from his office by the parliament of ground of physical or mental incapacity:-

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