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Psychology (Graduation)

Psychology (Graduation) Quiz

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A seventeen year old girl sits in a corner, weeping continuously. This behavior could be :-

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According to Carl Rogers, the structure of the personality is based  upon:-

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Freud is to psychoanalytic perspective as Allport is to the _______________ perspective:-

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Definitionally central to  personality  as viewed within behaviorism is:-

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A person who is high in both masculinity and femininity is said to be:-

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Many of the neo- Freudians have modified Freud's original theory of personality to give more emphasis to;-

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Intellectualization is a defense mechanism that is also known as;-

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What type of need Maslow's hierarchy of need add to those already emphasized by psychodynamic theorist;-

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To draw a person Test is a:-

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The defense mechanism in which self justifying explanation  replace the real unconscious reason for action is:-

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The goal of social cognitive therapy is basically:-

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Which test did McClelland first use to measure the need for achievement:--

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Which one is not a projective test:-

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A morbid fear which the patient realizes to be absurd but never  the less is unable to explain and overcome is called:-

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Which type of personality theories are generally based on psychometric research;-

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Which one has said in regard to personality that every child  is a scientist , developing and testing his own hypothesis;-

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According to Life change scale , ________________ event would be most stressfull;-

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Endomorphy is to ectomorphy as:-

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The field theory of behavior was proposed by:-

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A factor analysis approach to personality would be the most positively received within __________group:-

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A unique combination of traits is called:-

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An individual sternly gives order in his own home and obediently follows order at work. This person might score particularly high on the:-

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He is social behaviorist who devised an internal external control scale:-

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The concept of family constellation in most evident in the works of _______________:-

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Which approach to personality is least deterministic:-

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