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Physics (Intermediate) Quiz

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If the object is held closer to the eye at distance less than 25 cm the image formed will be:-

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Thermal volume expansion of liquid has?

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A body will be in complete equilibrium when it is satisfying:-

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The air plane lift is based on:-

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The numbers of perpendicular components of a force are_____?

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The direction of vector product is given by:-

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In young's modulus experiment, the conditions for destructive distillation is:-

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The magnitude of rectangular component are equal if its angle with x-axis is:-


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In a test experiment on a model aeroplane in a wind tunnel, the flow speed on the lower and upper surface of the wing are v and √2v. If the density of air is p and the surface of area of wing is A, the dynamic lift n the wing is given by:-

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Addition of vector obey:-

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Radar system is an application of:-

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The refractive index steps down from 1.52 to 1.48 at the boundary in:-

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The temperature at which rms speed of gas molecule becomes double than its value at 0°C is:-

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The motion of a body about an axis is called_______?

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When a transverse waves, travelling in a rare medium encounters a denser medium it bounce back such that incident crest on reflection:-

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Horizontal range of projectile is maximum when angle of projection is:-

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A ray of light travelling from rare to denser medium suffer a phase change of:-

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A person goes below the earth surface, gravitational acceleration will be:-

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The K.E of a body is increased 20%. The percentage increase in K.E. is:-

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When the reflecting end of the organ pipe is open, it behaves as:-

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In geostationary orbit for communication, whole of populated earth's surface can be covered by:-

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Which of the following is base quantity:-

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The error in Newton calculated the speed of sound in air at STP is-

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When the displacement is half of the amplitude, then what fraction of total energy of a simple harmonic oscillator is kinetic:-

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The points of the waves which are separated by the distance λ/2, 3λ/2, 5λ/2 are:-


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