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Physics (Intermediate) Quiz

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The process of confining of light to vibrate in one plane is called:-

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Time rate of change of angular velocity is called;-

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When a source is moving toward the observer with velocity Us then the Doppler's shift is given by:-

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The distance covered by a body in time 't' starting from rest is:-

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Venturimeter is used to measure:-

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In which quadrant, the two rectangular component of a vector have same sign:-

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One of the basic property of all oscillatory systems is

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When a transverse wave is reflected on going from rare to denser medium, then at boundary the reflected waves will undergo a phase change of:-

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The fringe spacing varies inversely with the:-

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When the antinodes are all at their extreme displacement, the energy stored is:-

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[M0L0T0] is the dimension of:-

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Motion of simple pendulum is an example of:-

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If the velocity of a body is increasing, its acceleration is:-

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NAND operation is simply AND operation followed by?

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When all systems are taken together as the universe, the entropy of the universe always:-

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Which of the following is unit of momentum________?

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A force of 10N is acting along x-axis, its component along y-axis is:

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Doppler's shift measure the change in ___ of the wave due to relative motion of source and observer:-

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The air plane lift is based on:-

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The concept of entropy was introduced by Clausius in:-

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All parts of the wave patterns move with the same:-

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Which of the following explains that galaxies are receding from us:

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A disc without slipping rolls down a hill of height 10.0m. If the disc starts from rest at the top of the hill, its speed at the bottom is:-

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The resultant of two forces 30 N and 40 N acting at an angle of 90° with each other is___?

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When first condition is satisfied, the body will be in:-

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