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Physics (Intermediate) Quiz

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In which process internal energy of a system remain same, even work is done :-

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Pull of earth on a mass of 20 Kg on the surface of earth is:-

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A body covering equal displacement in equal interval of time possesses is called ______.

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A gale blows over a house. The force due to gale on the roof is:-

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The magnitude of a vector can never be _____.

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When a body moves in a circle of radius 'r' with linear speed V, its centripetal force is:-

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When the body reaches its terminal velocity, the acceleration of the body becomes:-

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Continuous, regular and rhythmic disturbance in a medium produces:-

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When a transverse wave is reflected on going from denser medium to a rare medium, then:-

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When two identical waves superimposed which can change:-

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Solar cells are used in:-

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If external torque is zero then which of these quantity is constant:-

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If vector A lies in the third quadrant, its direction will be_____? 

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When an aeroplane attains a speed higher than the velocity of sound in air, a loud bang is heard. This is because of:-

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Thick tar and honey have_____ coefficient of viscosities:-

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When the quick transfer of heat is required through a body, we use?

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A particle executing SHM with frequency  f. the frequency with which its K.E oscillates is:-

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Force and _____ has same direction always:-

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The diastolic pressure is about:

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Blood has density equal to that of:-

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The value of g at the centre of earth is:-

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When the line of action of the applied force passes through the pivot point, then its torque is:-

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A regiment of soldiers is crossing the suspension bridge. They are ordered to:-

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Two gases have same pressure 'p' and volume 'v' are mixed at temperature 'T'. If the mixture is at temperature T and occupies the same volume v then pressure of the mixture would be:-

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The errors in measurements can occur due to:-

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