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How To Clear ISSB Psychological Test

To clear a ISSB Psychological Test is the hard thing because it is the step in which 90% of the candidates are failed. A man’s psychic behavior is in his own control and is formed not within minutes but it takes long years. Your psychological behavior depends on the surroundings you live, the incidents f your life, the way you look at things and your childhood memories. It seems that you can change your psychological behavior but actually it has been far long built and personifies your personality.

Where you have passed previous tests and have reached here at the stage of passing the ISSB Psychological Test won’t be tough for you. Though, the people who are optimistic have a greater chance of getting themselves recommended at ISSB.

Major Categories Of ISSB Psychological Test

ISSB Psychological Test consists of following things:

  • Word Association tests
  • Sentence Completion Test (Urdu and English)
  • Picture Story Writing
  • Pointer Story Writing
  • Interview

Digging into the details we see that these tests are conducted to check the emotional stability, mental state, behavioral aspects of a candidate. The armed forces do not want a person with emotional break downs, or severe mental issues or a person who is indulging with the negative aspect of life.

Let us see what these tests means.

  • Word Association Test

In WAT 100 words will be displayed on a projector and a candidate will get 9-10 seconds to make a sentence out of that word.

  • Sentence Completion Test (Urdu and English)

Sentence completion will consist of 54 Urdu and 54 English sentence which you will have to complete in a given time. These sentences will come in sets of 26 sentences and each set would have a time of 6 minutes to solve.

  • Picture Story Writing

A picture will be displayed on the projector for 30 seconds and you’ll have to write a short story on it within 3.5 minutes. Total 4 pictures will be displayed.

  • Pointer Story Writing

2 incomplete sentences will be given and you have to precede those sentences into a short story. 30 seconds will be given to make an idea for the story and 3.5 minutes to pen it.

  • Interview

A trained psychologist will conduct an interview at the end of the day in which he will ask the questions from the previous tests you have given. This interview can be of rapid fire questions so that you are not given enough time to think before answering.

Tips To Clear ISSB Psychological Test

Here are some tips to cover your inner fears of getting reject at ISSB. Follow them.

  1. Know the kind of tests (which we have mentioned above)
  2. Test yourself by practicing.
  3. Such tests can easily be practiced by our ISSB Preparation Material.
  4. Make a list of your beliefs and dislikes and then try to attempt such tests.
  5. Don’t portray yourself as a super human. Stay realistic. Do not fake things.
  6. Stay positive and optimistic. Never write anything negative.
  7. Read the word/question carefully and analyze the first thing which comes in your mind.
  8. Improve your English vocabulary. There may be many words in the test which you won’t be familiar of.
  9. Do not tell a lie. The highly expert psychologists will know immediately.
  10. Manage your time

Main Goal:

  • To know the candidate’s inner part. What kind of person he is and how is he to the world and surroundings.
  • The main goal of giving a short time to the candidates is so that they can write what exactly comes in their mind and do not make fake things by thinking. When you are given a limited period of time you urge to complete your task and this is what these tests do to you.

If you want to clear ISSB Psychological Tests you have to practice these tests provided in our helping material and stay positive. Never write a negative thing as it will increase your chances of rejection. Hope that these tips and information are useful for you.


Manage your time and click on the following for practice of psychological tests.

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