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Physics (Intermediate) Quiz

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Tidal energy and wind energy is used to produce:-

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In equation of continuity, the unit of Av is given as:-

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Two waves of equal frequencies travelling in opposite direction produces:-

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The SI unit of plane angle is:-

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A wave motion in which particles of medium vibrates about their mean position in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of wave is called:-

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To relieve the discomfort of allergy sufferers in homes, we use?

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Wave which is set up by a single disturbance in a medium is called:-

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If torch is used in place of monochromatic light in Young's experiment :-

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Diffraction is a special type of:-

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Which is a derive unit:-

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Which of the following is non conservative force:-

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If the slope of velocity-time graph is decreasing with time, the body is said to have:-

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The study of internal structure of the earth is called?

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An alternate unit to kgm/s is:-

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Stationary waves are generated on a string of length 'l' its fundamental frequency is given by:-

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The tides raise the matter in the sea roughly in a day:-

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Rain is falling vertically downward with a velocity of 3kmh-1 and a man walk in a rain with the velocity of 4kmh-1. The rain drops will fall on the man with a velocity of:-

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The coefficient of volume expansion of solids is?

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One micro meter is equal to__?

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In any measurement the significant figures are:-

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Which is a derived unit:

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The total energy of a particle executing SHM of amplitude A is proportional to:-

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The maximum velocity attained by a spherical droplet when the drag force and weight of drop becomes equal is called:-

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When a body is whirled in a vertical circle at the end of the string, tension in the string is maximum:-

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If the slope of velocity-time graph is same for all point on the curve, velocity is said to be:-

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