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BS (Honors) Information Security Quiz

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A cyber criminal tester uses the additional data that stores certain instructions in the memory for activities to break the system in which of the following attack:-

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What is standard for exchanging authentication  information between two different security domains:-

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This type of attack may cause additional damage by sending data containing codes designed to trigger specific actions,:-

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All methods are destroying data on hard disk are sufficient except;-

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Which act violates cyber security:-

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Process management, resource management, access management, are examples of:-

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What is changed when cypher algorithm are used:-

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What kind of malware does not replicate itself through infection:-

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_____________ is responsible for using that the database remains in consistent state despite system failure";-

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This is a mechanism for ensuring that only authorized users can use specific software application:-

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___________ platforms are used for safety and protection of information in the cloud:-

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Authentication, encryption and ACLs are example of:-

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An employee in an organization is requesting access to more information than is required. This request should be denied on the basis of which principle:-

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An attack on a website that stores and displays text to a user is known as:-

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Who is the father of computer security::-

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This is a series of messages sent by some one attempting to break into a computer to learn which computer network service the computer provides:-

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What is the existence of weakness in a system is known as:-

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____________ Is the least strong security protocol:-

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______________ are the types of firewalls;-

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Data security threats include:-

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Implicitly to all current and future privileges that are granted users are called as:-

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Which conferences was the first one for hackers:-

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An intruder might install this on a networked computer to collect users ids and passwords from other machines on the network:-

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The security goals are:-

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__________ is used in cryptography during WWII:-

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