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Statistics Quiz

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The data published in daily newspapers are called:-

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Two dice are rolled. The probability that the sum of the spots on the faces will be even is:-

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When the collected data is grouped with reference to time, we have:-

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The range of the data 1,0,-1, is:-

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The class frequency divided by total number of observations is called:-

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The term fuzzy truth is used to describe :-

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The word statistics at present is used in;-

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If a relative frequency distribution is symmetric, the sum of the relative frequencies is:-

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Three cards are selected at random, What is the probability that they will all be clubs:-

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A card is selected at random from a deck of 52 cards. The probability that it is a face card is:-

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Sector diagram is also called:-

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Two dice are tossed, What is the probability that the numbers are the same on both dice if it is known that the sum of these spots is 6:-

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The number of different arrangements of letters of the word next is:-

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MLE becomes asymptotically efficient if n→:-

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A store owner plane to have his annual 'Going out of Business Sale'. If each month has an equal chance of being selected, and the probability that the sale will be in a month that being with the letter J or M:-

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In the following list


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At a used be sale, there are 6 novels and 4 biographies. If a person selects 4 books at random , what is the probability that the person select two novels and two biographies:-

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Blood group is _______ variable:-

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Statistics has a handicap dealing with;-

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Which scale is the simplest form of measurement:-

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When an observation is incomplete deliberately then it is called:-

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A homeowner doing some remodeling require the services of both a plumbing contractor and an electrical contractor, If there are 15 plumbing  contractor and 10 electrical contractor available in the area, in how many ways can the contractor be chosen:-

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A random variable that assume a finite or countably infinite number of value is called;-

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Two books out of three books can be selected in____ ways:-

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A card is selected at random from a deck of 52 cards. The probability that it is a 7 is:-

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