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Statistics Quiz

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Which of the following are the measured of the Dispersion:-

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A survey conducted on a local restaurant found that 18 people preferred orange juice, 12 people prefer grape fruit juice and 6 people preferred apple juice with their breakfast. If a person is selected at random, the probability that the person will select the apple juice is:-

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A cumulative frequency distribution is represented by:-

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Non parametric test used to test the goodness of fit is:-

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Two dice are rolled. The probability that the sum of the spots on the faces is greater than seven is:-

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The difference between the maximum and minimum value of a set of data is called:-

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When an observation is incomplete deliberately then it is called:-

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The sum of relative frequencies equal to;-

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Simple price index number by fix base method is called:-

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Two dice are tossed, What is the probability that the numbers are the same on both dice if it is known that the sum of these spots is 6:-

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Most of the recent development in statistics arose to meet the needs of:-

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Which is correct order of Stevens four level of measurements:-

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Run test is used to test the _____ of observation:-

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The mean and standard deviation of a normally distributed dataset are 19 and 4. 19 is subtracted from the dataset and then the result is divided by 4. Which best describes the resulting distribution:-

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In statistics, a sample means:-

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A special die is made with 1 one, 2 twos, 3 threes. What is expected number of spots for one roll;-

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The unit for _____ is same as that of data values:-

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The origin of statistics can be traced to:-

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Mode is located by:-

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In a sample of 10 telephones , 4 are defective, If 3 are selected random and tested, what is the probability that all will be non defective:-

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If Laspeyre's index is 120%and Paaschere's index  is 120%, then fisher's index is:-

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A card is selected from an ordinary deck of 52 cards. The probability that it is a three given that it is a red card is:-

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Three coins are tossed, What is the probability of getting 3 heads if it is known that at least two heads were obtained:-

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Height of students in a class is an example of_______ variable:-

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